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736 Southwest Umatilla Avenue
Redmond, OR, 97756
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Closing out 2017...

Sean White

We are trying to close out 2017 with a strong direction into new territory. A new robot recently arrived at the factory in the form of a laser printer that shoots lasers of ceramic toner onto special water-slide decal paper. What does this mean? It means our graphic capability is catching up to our imagination, the problem historically with digitally printed decals has been lack of firing  range but our printer has a new toner set that allows for in-glaze decoration. This means that when we fire the decals onto our previously glazed pieces we can actually fire hot enough to soften the glaze allowing the decoration and the glaze to become one, hence the term in-glaze. These decorations will not fade in color or scrape off the piece because they are in the piece not on the piece. Stay tuned for more examples!!