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736 Southwest Umatilla Avenue
Redmond, OR, 97756
United States




Sean White


We'd like to expand your knowledge into our process, it has become clear to us that the ceramic process is greatly misunderstood. What compounds this issue is the many different ways that you can form the clay to produce a similar result. The process that we create all of our cups with is called slip casting. We produce plaster molds that are filled with a liquid clay, called "slip" this clay sits in the molds for a desired amount of time to build up the thickness of the cup wall and is then drained back out so the cup can dry until it is firm enough to remove from the mold. 

A huge part of slip casting is mold making, it is a much more exacting and rigid process than just sitting down at your potters wheel with some lumps of clay and spinning off some cups that may or may not be similar in shape/size/thickness. We spend a great deal of time designing and perfecting shapes before we take a mold into production, recently we have been working on updating a whole new line of shapes and took some photos of some unique techniques we've developed to speed up the mold making process. 

Working on a larger cup mold for a 16oz mug we really didn't want to block the whole piece in clay to pour the bottom section, here was our solution...


We took up a lot of the extra space with some old molds so we only needed to use a minimum amount of clay to get the whole form blocked in.


...worked like a dream